Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to use your 5 senses to raise your awareness

Revealing Life - Dina Soker
At first, nothing is clear. Only bits and pieces through the fogs of the unknown.
Nothing connects, Nothing makes sense, No logic found.
As we move along our lifes journey, we begin to connect the dots, to match the pieces together.
The puzzle of our life begins to unfold for us, and whispers: life is amazing

How to use your 5 senses to raise your awareness

Did you know you can raise your consciousness and awareness using the five senses you were born with? For starters imagine you immersing within an activity and focusing only on this activity.

Listen to a song and let the music flow through your body, watch a sunset, taste a delicacy, feel the softest of silks, the slightly cold feeling when you touch it. Feel how light it is and how smooth. Smell the scent of freshly baked bread from the bakery down the street.

When either of these events happens, you feel for a tiny second of your life captured in this very special moment. You can be present in that very moment, experience it, and know what that same moment is here to teach you, show you, and give you a gift.

Imagine eating in a restaurant; until the food gets to the table people tend to talk loudly and focus about anything else but the silence. But once the food gets to the table there is a moment of silence in which every person is in his/her own world with the food and the flavors experiencing them to the fullest.

The goal is to achieve awareness in everyday life. Once you do, it will become easier to be more and more focused on the intense experience and feeling you are going through rather than the smoke screen that is there to distract and deceive you sometimes. When you see a beautiful sunset, why do you linger and stare at the beautiful colors admiring them and watching the sunset as it changes its colors slowly until it is gone and the sun has gone down?

All these happenned for the very same reason. For a very specific moment you become aware of your environment and become almost one with it. So next time when a bird sings or you see a beautiful flower let it linger with you and focus on the song or the flower, you will find a whole new world.

- Lidor Soikher & Dina Soker-