Sunday, September 23, 2007

To me, painting is a connection to a source of higher power and will.

When I paint, it is a realization of a journey that connects me to an inner desire.

I have a deep will within me to experience a different dimension, a different reality and a passion for a "standing-tall" life where I am involved and feel influential.

Creating my art brings me to that same "tall place" where I connect to my inner source.

Every one of the paintings enfolds a story.

Each work of art portrays the journey of people, the opportunity for growth and moving, traveling between dimensions.

I use bright, lively colors to evoke life and passion.

The use of vibrant colors demonstrates changes, vitality and movement.

My wish is to enable observers to experience through my creations the beautiful "tall place" and the powers which are interwoven into the painting.

With the paintings, I feel that I have the ability to move, change and create new dimensions as well as the expansion of existing dimensions.

I believe there are no limits, no boundaries and that everything is possible.

I no longer want to satisfy myself. I really want to connect with the world and make my paintings mean something to people.

-Dina Soker-