Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Art of Art

Form is the choice of which type of art you want to do: two-dimensional, three-dimensional. Two-dimensional will be mostly painting; three-dimensional will be a statute, sculpting, etc. It is possible to have a two-dimensional painting that has three-dimensional build that makes it pop-up more. However, it’s a still a two-dimensional painting. Two-dimensional can also be photography, mixed media (e.g., painting with oil/acrylic), or materials like metal, wood, fabric, clay, etc. Going back to painting, when it comes to form it can be on canvas, wood, glass, etc.

Function revolves around how we use art. In most cases, painted art is used to decorate our environment, whether it is our home or office. However, sometimes art is a means to convey a visual message to the viewer.

Texture is obvious in the world of sculpting. With painting, however, texture is only achieved via the brush strokes, depending on what type of material you are using. For example, when you’re working with watercolors, it’s very hard to see the brush strokes. However, when you use oils, this is one of the easiest ways to create texture. You can actually transition from smooth to rough quite easily. Oil and acrylics will produce the most texture.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The power of attention

I went last week to the hardware store to purchase a new garbage disposer.
I asked the salesmen about the product. Whether it’s a good product or not, did you hear something from people who bought this product before, what are the good things they had to say about that product. He looked at me and giggled.
I have never heard anything about this product from people who bought it, so I guess it’s a good product because people usually complain when something is bad, but we haven’t heard any complaints, which means the product is good.

I couldn’t let go of the things he told me. While thinking about it I realized that this is so true. We, human beings are used to complain all the time about things that are not “good”, things that are not working for us, and we are posting this kind of energy which starts to radiate around us and magnetize more of this “it is not good” thing.

As we wake up in the morning, how many times did we complain in comparison to “good” things that are happening to us on that day? For example we hear the alarm clock in the morning, it annoys us, and we feel bad that we have to get out of bed, then we grab our breakfast and we complain about not having time to eat breakfast. We get into the car, drive to work, then we complain about the traffic and how bad it is, and we are going to be late to work, and then our kid calls us and tells us he got a B- in math. The only thing we have on our mind in that time is I have so many things going wrong today, I really don’t need another bad thing and you hang up.

Now, what kind of energy do we attract or magnetize to our lives, when we behave like this, when we give attention to all those “bad” things.

Let’s rephrase and try this day again.
You hear the alarm clock in the morning. I am so happy to be alive today; it is a beautiful day, look, the sun is shining. I am happy that I got up half an hour earlier, so I can eat breakfast. What a great thing it is to have time in the morning to sit with your kids and have breakfast together. I get into my car driving to work, lots of traffic. well, at least I have time to listen to some great music or talk with my parents on the phone. My kid is calling he is such a wonderful kid. So, you got a B- I know you will do much better next time, you are a great kid and I love you.

This same day looks very different now.

Why do we tend to ignore the “good” things that are happening in our life and enlarging tremendously the “bad” things?

Imagine that you choose to enlarge how great your family is or what a wonderful job you have, or just the thought that you are alive and healthy.

Just ignoring the “bad” stuff and bringing a happy thought that will shift us into acknowledging and being thankful for all the great and beautiful things we have in our lives. Remember it is your choice.

Things we choose to give attention to, will determine the way our life is going to look like.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Art, Children, and Your Inner Child

Human Dynamics - Dina Soker

About the painting: Five panel painting ; Like different musical instruments; every sound is unique, When they all play together, what a colorful and marvelous music can be heard… Different people… different perspectives… different caricatures… different mind sets, Everyone is unique in his Human Dynamics. When they all collaborating together, what a colorful and fruitful community can we become…

Art, Children, and Your Inner Child

What's beautiful about children when it comes to art is that we - as adults - don't need to explain anything to them. If you take a child and put him/her in front of a painting of any kind, the child will start to bring his/her own ideas to the painting. However, if you were to put an adult in front of the painting, the adult would only bring criticism about the painting.

Children are open to see new things, to investigate what is there, and bring their own ideas. Most importantly, they are not afraid of what other people are thinking about that.

This somewhat explains while some many adults have lost the inner child in themselves. That inner child that is now exists -as an adult - is afraid to go forward and say things about what they are seeing - even if it's different from other people.

So, what is the best way to get your inner child back? The answer may seem simple but it's playing. When we play with children, we get our inner child back.

When we get into the game, we forget about everything. We become the child, we become the game, and we become the partner. Again, we forget about everything while at the same time knowing that everything is possible in the game. So playing games - ball games, board games, or even playing with dolls or cars - brings back the child.

For those people without children, the way to navigate back to your "child mindset" is to do something that you liked to do when you were a child. Remember what you really loved to do as you were growing up? Maybe it was painting, sewing, playing with mud, scouting, or baking with your grandma. As long as it's something you loved to do as a child and brought you a lot of joy, simply do those same things! It helps you to reconnect to this place. This will eventually bring you to the same spot and when you're in the same spot, the joy and happiness of your inner child is released.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Consciousness Awareness Art - The Movie

Welcome to your awakening!
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

spiritual art festival

Dear friends,

Last week I received an invitation to take part in a spiritual art festival that will take place in the Life Force Arts Center in Chicago May 22-25

I am very excited for this event

Four of my paintings will be featured at the festival.

The paintings are:

Dragonfly, Revealing Life, Mutual Responsibility, and My Secret Place.

Allow yourself this uplifting & empowering event

I will be glad to see you there.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Consciousness awareness in the daily life

Here I Am
Here I am. Look at me; Beautiful... innocent... soft and gentle... made of pure love... universe's gift for you to treasure.
Yet, I stand tall, I stand strong, focused and ready to live my life, ready to love my life.

Consciousness awareness in the daily life

How do we create realities that we want to bring into our lives? When we are inducing consciousness; we create things that were never thought possible.

We all have the will to succeed, to manifest splendor, to have an amazing relationship, to be great parents, have wonderful children, a great career, and a lot of money.

We are all very similar on our basic will. Although when we divide it into smaller details we are all very different from each other.

The will always exists but in most cases we are not capable of attracting the things we want to have for our self. If so then why and what are we to do in order to change the path on which we make our wills come true, and live the life that we want?

In order to bring into our lives what we want to occur, we need to learn to magnetize these things and use the law of attraction to work for our advantage. By inducing consciousness into our lives, paying attention as well as aiming for your future target is all big parts of magnetizing your life.

For example, if we focus on how things are tough now, we wouldn't want to do anything in life. The universe will listen to us and make sure things get tougher, and we won't do anything about it. On the other hand though, if we focus on how beautiful some things are in our lives, how well we are feeling, and how things are going great right now; the universe will listen.

Forms of positive magnetizing can be; but are not limited - a sentence you repeat and start to believe daily, giving gratitude for what we have, enjoying the moment, laughing a lot, and even smiling.

Forms of negative magnetizing can be; but are not limited - complaining about things in our lives like the weather, our jobs, focusing on the empty half of the cup, being grumpy , angry, or even sad.

The universe listens; it might take some time but you just have to do your part and let the universe do it's. Don't doubt it because the law will work, just let the law work for you. If you doubt it then the universe will figure you don't believe it enough or that you don't believe it will happen, so it won't.

For conclusion, by inducing consciousness we make sure that we attract more happiness, love, and riches towards our lives. Be patient the universe is listening, don't give up or have doubts so easily. Open the door and let consciousness and awareness into our lives.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to use your 5 senses to raise your awareness

Revealing Life - Dina Soker
At first, nothing is clear. Only bits and pieces through the fogs of the unknown.
Nothing connects, Nothing makes sense, No logic found.
As we move along our lifes journey, we begin to connect the dots, to match the pieces together.
The puzzle of our life begins to unfold for us, and whispers: life is amazing

How to use your 5 senses to raise your awareness

Did you know you can raise your consciousness and awareness using the five senses you were born with? For starters imagine you immersing within an activity and focusing only on this activity.

Listen to a song and let the music flow through your body, watch a sunset, taste a delicacy, feel the softest of silks, the slightly cold feeling when you touch it. Feel how light it is and how smooth. Smell the scent of freshly baked bread from the bakery down the street.

When either of these events happens, you feel for a tiny second of your life captured in this very special moment. You can be present in that very moment, experience it, and know what that same moment is here to teach you, show you, and give you a gift.

Imagine eating in a restaurant; until the food gets to the table people tend to talk loudly and focus about anything else but the silence. But once the food gets to the table there is a moment of silence in which every person is in his/her own world with the food and the flavors experiencing them to the fullest.

The goal is to achieve awareness in everyday life. Once you do, it will become easier to be more and more focused on the intense experience and feeling you are going through rather than the smoke screen that is there to distract and deceive you sometimes. When you see a beautiful sunset, why do you linger and stare at the beautiful colors admiring them and watching the sunset as it changes its colors slowly until it is gone and the sun has gone down?

All these happenned for the very same reason. For a very specific moment you become aware of your environment and become almost one with it. So next time when a bird sings or you see a beautiful flower let it linger with you and focus on the song or the flower, you will find a whole new world.

- Lidor Soikher & Dina Soker-