Sunday, October 11, 2009

The power of attention

I went last week to the hardware store to purchase a new garbage disposer.
I asked the salesmen about the product. Whether it’s a good product or not, did you hear something from people who bought this product before, what are the good things they had to say about that product. He looked at me and giggled.
I have never heard anything about this product from people who bought it, so I guess it’s a good product because people usually complain when something is bad, but we haven’t heard any complaints, which means the product is good.

I couldn’t let go of the things he told me. While thinking about it I realized that this is so true. We, human beings are used to complain all the time about things that are not “good”, things that are not working for us, and we are posting this kind of energy which starts to radiate around us and magnetize more of this “it is not good” thing.

As we wake up in the morning, how many times did we complain in comparison to “good” things that are happening to us on that day? For example we hear the alarm clock in the morning, it annoys us, and we feel bad that we have to get out of bed, then we grab our breakfast and we complain about not having time to eat breakfast. We get into the car, drive to work, then we complain about the traffic and how bad it is, and we are going to be late to work, and then our kid calls us and tells us he got a B- in math. The only thing we have on our mind in that time is I have so many things going wrong today, I really don’t need another bad thing and you hang up.

Now, what kind of energy do we attract or magnetize to our lives, when we behave like this, when we give attention to all those “bad” things.

Let’s rephrase and try this day again.
You hear the alarm clock in the morning. I am so happy to be alive today; it is a beautiful day, look, the sun is shining. I am happy that I got up half an hour earlier, so I can eat breakfast. What a great thing it is to have time in the morning to sit with your kids and have breakfast together. I get into my car driving to work, lots of traffic. well, at least I have time to listen to some great music or talk with my parents on the phone. My kid is calling he is such a wonderful kid. So, you got a B- I know you will do much better next time, you are a great kid and I love you.

This same day looks very different now.

Why do we tend to ignore the “good” things that are happening in our life and enlarging tremendously the “bad” things?

Imagine that you choose to enlarge how great your family is or what a wonderful job you have, or just the thought that you are alive and healthy.

Just ignoring the “bad” stuff and bringing a happy thought that will shift us into acknowledging and being thankful for all the great and beautiful things we have in our lives. Remember it is your choice.

Things we choose to give attention to, will determine the way our life is going to look like.
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