Thursday, March 26, 2009

Consciousness Awareness Art

In cold, in warmth, through all dimensions of our life, we are so fragile as we pass along our endeavors.
Let's be gentle with one another, after all, we are all the same in all dimensions.

Consciousness Awareness Art

This form of art was created and thought out by yours truly and I see it as a branch of contemporary, modern art. Consciousness Awareness paintings allow the observer to realize something about their life he or she might have not realized before. That is my goal with my art; I want to help people through art, to see life better, things about themselves, their surroundings, and maybe even things they need to know about but do not really want to know.

Now, I know, it sounds scary, but if you can understand something, viewing, and studying visual art paintings; I believe that this is one of the greatest gifts I can give. I believe my art needs to come with a text, less to explain, but more to guide the viewer through the many complicated stages deep inside his consciousness and guide them in the best direction.

Painting for me is a LOVE and PASSION. I focus most of my time on it beceuse I love to create these beautiful paintings. For me each brush stroke "tells a story" that is different from the previous brush stroke. I wish to convey to you this very story, and out of this very story get you to comprehend something about yourself.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Consciousness, Awareness Art
Presentation coming soon

Monday, March 16, 2009

Contemporary Art Best Way to Decorate Your Home!!!

Contemporary art is a great way to bring color and beauty into your life and home. Contemporary art is often a different representation of something, not in its true form,(but) sometimes it is(instead of "it is" how about it's same thing just less words)an abstract representation.

Contemporary art comes in many different styles - some are wild splashes of loud color,(while) others have smooth lines and warm colors that give a sense of calm(calmness) when looked upon.As contemporary art stretches across so many genres and forms, it would suit very well with most home decorating styles.Once you have bought your favorite art piece; explore unique ways of presenting it to your audience.

If you have several pieces of art that you want to hang on the wall, try grouping them creatively to add a more interesting look. If the art piece is small enough, why not frame it and place it on a shelf or side table. Art doesn't have to be hung on the wall. You can simply place it on the floor and lean it against a wall or a piece of furniture; perhaps against a side table or on an easel- just make sure that the art piece will not obstruct walkways, and that it isn't too large or too small that would make it look out of place.

Why not tell a story by including accessories or other decorative ornaments to compliment the art work? For example, if you have a piece of Asian contemporary art on the wall, you can place a small coffee table below it and decorate it with Asian antiques - maybe include some stone carvings of Buddha, or perhaps a few candles or flowers to add more (of a )variety and complete the look.

Once your contemporary art piece is hung on the wall, use creative lighting to bring attention to it and to give it a stunning look. There are so many exciting ways you can display contemporary art in your home.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It might be different

It might be different

From inconceivable dimensions we are created and evolve. Escorted by the invisible wisdom, yet we all grow, and see the world in our very own particular way. But is the world really as we see it? Are we effecting the hidden forces which create our world? When we change our point of view at everything, it transforms for us accordingly in return. Yes, it might be different, here and now. We have the power to make it happen in our lives. We are longing for contact. We want to belong. We want to love, to live, and to be loved. We want to make a difference in our lives. Are we willing to do whatever it takes? To give it a chance?

-Dina Soker-

Contemporary Abstract Art living to paint

Birth of a journey
Here it begins; we have just emerged from the invisible and ever evolving spiraling dimensions into here and now. They did their best to bring us here. They now fade away after their task is completed.
Silence... awareness... wonder... a new journey has begun for me. Fresh start... new hopes... My road is unknown ahead... Now it's my journey... Now it's my way.
-Dina Soker-

Contemporary Abstract Art living to paint

Colors bring back life into a grey world, they bring back happiness, the inside fire and passion to things.

Art brings back all that is in colors and even a billionfold more.

Art inspires you to think to expand your thoughts and understand what the artist meant by this brush stroke or by that dotted line.

The whole painting is for you to experience and learn from the artists' thoughts and sweat put into that specific painting.

The frustration the artist might have had while painting it, the happy moments when they saw the painting whole in their head or even better when they finished the painting.

The fact of the matter is the viewer can't really grasp the whole painting in one sitting or viewing, Just like a movie; when you find out new things about it after every time you watch it.

Every painting has its own story and its own personal meaning for each and every person that views it.

When an artist creates a painting (and I say create because they put some of themselves into that painting), they work with themselves and better themselves through art. It is their way of expressing their life, daily routine, hopes, visions, thoughts, wants, and also their passions and dislikes.

A painting can show anything and express everything,you just need to be open to receive it.

-Lidor Soikher-

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Junction - Dina Soker 2008
Where do I go from here?... What do I want?... So many voices in my head...
What should I choose?... Will I succeed?... Am I choosing the right thing?...
Whom should I listen to?... them?... or me?... them?... me... Always me...

Dance of the soul - Dina Soker 2009
Gold & black

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Modern Art Vs Contemporary Art

Modern Art Vs Contemporary Art
By []Suzanne Macguire

The success of a piece of art depends on how deftly it connects with the audience. If an artwork successfully communicates its message, it is considered to be a masterpiece. Some of the most artistic works of art began flowering in the 19th century till 1970. The flowering of modern art thus began in this era consequently leading the artists to move away from the traditional practices and emphasize more on portrayal of emotion on canvas. Post 1970, modern art preferred being called contemporary art. This includes anything that has been created after 1970 till the present age.

Modern art is not synonymous to contemporary art. The former encompasses only those works that have been created in the first half of the 20th century. Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism- they all form its part. Contemporary art, on the other hand, signifies those works done at the present time or in the very recent past. The best thing about today's art is that it is bound by no rigid tradition and has the liberty to experiment with various styles.

Ever since the two world wars took place, there has been a surge of art movements- Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Post-modernism, Minimalism, and Feminist Art. The number of movements has grown in numbers in recent times. It's now common to come across avant-garde movements surfacing with new names every year. The one movement that created quite an uproar in recent times was that of Abstract Expressionism. The followers of this movement believed that art was created just to convey their own feelings and had no relation with the external world.

However, there is a section of people who does not consider modern art as in the true sense of the term. Many people consider landscape and nature portrayals as the true art form. When modern and contemporary artists create something that challenges their imagination, they question the idea of their being an art.

As a matter of fact, abstract art needs proper understanding and intellect to decode its hidden meaning. Understanding the concept of the artist and appreciating the work on that basis lays the foundation for a successful []modern art representation.

Suzanne Macguire is an expert writer and art connoisseur. Her articles have covered a lot of information on fine art and []abstract art gallery.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Being a woman

Sensuous curves… Softness… Compassion… Life giving…

Mother… Wife… Invisible huge strength… Core of the family…

Clear sight… Wisdom… Loving… forgiving…

Strong will… Sixth sense…

Being a woman… All in one.

Being a Woman

In my paintings I focus on human relations. In the great power that we human beings posses as a group, and also how weak and helpless we are by ourselves as individuals.

Human beings were meant to live together in groups, and the groups were meant to live and work together which turns them into a nation, and then to the whole world.In the basic level, human beings are supposed to be here and now for other human beings, to support, to help them grow, and plant the seed sand harvest together.

I don’t know why exactly, but with the development of technology humans beings got farther apart from each other. The only really close connection was inside the “family cell” between the mother, father, and children. For a certain time it worked and the family cell was sacred but after a while it was sacred no more.

Also it did not hold the same meaning it use too.

Within a family cell, each human being is occupied with his/her own world. There is almost no togetherness.There are other things that distract human beings attention from other human beings, and the time spent with new toys or technology grows while the togetherness and closeness between people crumbles and becomes extinct.

When I painted this painting “Being a Woman” the strongest feeling I experienced was the way a women was treated through thousands of years. The inferiority, always in second or third place, possessed and controlled by others.

Yes, the feminism era arrived but what’s in it? The known language for war, the struggle to win; against whom? Against what?

A human being, a woman in this case has to fight for her own existence; her own reality, and her ability to make a difference.

There is no doubt that society forgot what the creator meant when he created the woman.

Help at his side, not under him.

There is no doubt that we forgot how beautiful and delicate a women is. What beautiful lines, how soft, vulnerable and still one of strongest creatures to be created. She has the power to create life, carry them inside her and bring them into this world.

She has endless love, a strong will,and power to protect her children and family. Endowed with a sixth sense; always knowing things that are not necessarily visible. She has the strength to change the course and create a new reality.