Sunday, May 10, 2009

Consciousness awareness in the daily life

Here I Am
Here I am. Look at me; Beautiful... innocent... soft and gentle... made of pure love... universe's gift for you to treasure.
Yet, I stand tall, I stand strong, focused and ready to live my life, ready to love my life.

Consciousness awareness in the daily life

How do we create realities that we want to bring into our lives? When we are inducing consciousness; we create things that were never thought possible.

We all have the will to succeed, to manifest splendor, to have an amazing relationship, to be great parents, have wonderful children, a great career, and a lot of money.

We are all very similar on our basic will. Although when we divide it into smaller details we are all very different from each other.

The will always exists but in most cases we are not capable of attracting the things we want to have for our self. If so then why and what are we to do in order to change the path on which we make our wills come true, and live the life that we want?

In order to bring into our lives what we want to occur, we need to learn to magnetize these things and use the law of attraction to work for our advantage. By inducing consciousness into our lives, paying attention as well as aiming for your future target is all big parts of magnetizing your life.

For example, if we focus on how things are tough now, we wouldn't want to do anything in life. The universe will listen to us and make sure things get tougher, and we won't do anything about it. On the other hand though, if we focus on how beautiful some things are in our lives, how well we are feeling, and how things are going great right now; the universe will listen.

Forms of positive magnetizing can be; but are not limited - a sentence you repeat and start to believe daily, giving gratitude for what we have, enjoying the moment, laughing a lot, and even smiling.

Forms of negative magnetizing can be; but are not limited - complaining about things in our lives like the weather, our jobs, focusing on the empty half of the cup, being grumpy , angry, or even sad.

The universe listens; it might take some time but you just have to do your part and let the universe do it's. Don't doubt it because the law will work, just let the law work for you. If you doubt it then the universe will figure you don't believe it enough or that you don't believe it will happen, so it won't.

For conclusion, by inducing consciousness we make sure that we attract more happiness, love, and riches towards our lives. Be patient the universe is listening, don't give up or have doubts so easily. Open the door and let consciousness and awareness into our lives.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Work!

Anonymous said...

I love this painting! I also create paintings from my soul/spirit, there is nothing better than following your passion!!

Dina Soker said...

Thank you Allison,
This is very true.
There is nothing better than following your passion!!
Be blessed

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