Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Being a woman

Sensuous curves… Softness… Compassion… Life giving…

Mother… Wife… Invisible huge strength… Core of the family…

Clear sight… Wisdom… Loving… forgiving…

Strong will… Sixth sense…

Being a woman… All in one.

Being a Woman

In my paintings I focus on human relations. In the great power that we human beings posses as a group, and also how weak and helpless we are by ourselves as individuals.

Human beings were meant to live together in groups, and the groups were meant to live and work together which turns them into a nation, and then to the whole world.In the basic level, human beings are supposed to be here and now for other human beings, to support, to help them grow, and plant the seed sand harvest together.

I don’t know why exactly, but with the development of technology humans beings got farther apart from each other. The only really close connection was inside the “family cell” between the mother, father, and children. For a certain time it worked and the family cell was sacred but after a while it was sacred no more.

Also it did not hold the same meaning it use too.

Within a family cell, each human being is occupied with his/her own world. There is almost no togetherness.There are other things that distract human beings attention from other human beings, and the time spent with new toys or technology grows while the togetherness and closeness between people crumbles and becomes extinct.

When I painted this painting “Being a Woman” the strongest feeling I experienced was the way a women was treated through thousands of years. The inferiority, always in second or third place, possessed and controlled by others.

Yes, the feminism era arrived but what’s in it? The known language for war, the struggle to win; against whom? Against what?

A human being, a woman in this case has to fight for her own existence; her own reality, and her ability to make a difference.

There is no doubt that society forgot what the creator meant when he created the woman.

Help at his side, not under him.

There is no doubt that we forgot how beautiful and delicate a women is. What beautiful lines, how soft, vulnerable and still one of strongest creatures to be created. She has the power to create life, carry them inside her and bring them into this world.

She has endless love, a strong will,and power to protect her children and family. Endowed with a sixth sense; always knowing things that are not necessarily visible. She has the strength to change the course and create a new reality.


Felicia Slattery said...

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Felicia Slattery
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