Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Modern Art Vs Contemporary Art

Modern Art Vs Contemporary Art
By []Suzanne Macguire

The success of a piece of art depends on how deftly it connects with the audience. If an artwork successfully communicates its message, it is considered to be a masterpiece. Some of the most artistic works of art began flowering in the 19th century till 1970. The flowering of modern art thus began in this era consequently leading the artists to move away from the traditional practices and emphasize more on portrayal of emotion on canvas. Post 1970, modern art preferred being called contemporary art. This includes anything that has been created after 1970 till the present age.

Modern art is not synonymous to contemporary art. The former encompasses only those works that have been created in the first half of the 20th century. Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism- they all form its part. Contemporary art, on the other hand, signifies those works done at the present time or in the very recent past. The best thing about today's art is that it is bound by no rigid tradition and has the liberty to experiment with various styles.

Ever since the two world wars took place, there has been a surge of art movements- Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Post-modernism, Minimalism, and Feminist Art. The number of movements has grown in numbers in recent times. It's now common to come across avant-garde movements surfacing with new names every year. The one movement that created quite an uproar in recent times was that of Abstract Expressionism. The followers of this movement believed that art was created just to convey their own feelings and had no relation with the external world.

However, there is a section of people who does not consider modern art as in the true sense of the term. Many people consider landscape and nature portrayals as the true art form. When modern and contemporary artists create something that challenges their imagination, they question the idea of their being an art.

As a matter of fact, abstract art needs proper understanding and intellect to decode its hidden meaning. Understanding the concept of the artist and appreciating the work on that basis lays the foundation for a successful []modern art representation.

Suzanne Macguire is an expert writer and art connoisseur. Her articles have covered a lot of information on fine art and []abstract art gallery.

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Munira said...

WOW, your writing and paintings are really beautiful.Your writing is really inspiring and the paintings really are somthing to be proud of.
Can't wait for your next painting and article.Keep up the good work!

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